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Anna Homestay "Feel at home with the luxuries - extravagances of a Hotel."
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"Feel at home with the luxuries - extravagances of a Hotel."

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Anachal, might be a weird name for a non Keralite, but for us Keralites this name sounds very strong. Primely , because “Ana” (the first half of the name Anachal) is the name of the Strongest Mammal on Land; Elephant (“Ana” in Malayalam, Kerala’s Traditional Language) and the Second Half “Chal” means Pathway. Thus Anachal means “The Pathway of the Elephants”.
So here’s the story:

The whole region of Anachal and kilometres of its Surroundings including Munnar were forests of the long ago, until man started cultivating in these lands. The Elephants which were present in large numbers in these hilly forests could not easily maneuver down the Hillsides. (Google that, for elephants walking down hill is as we humans scale walls, really problematic!) . So the Grandpa Elephant in all his wisdom and experience of the Forests there at, marked a new route to reach down the valleys where easy food was in plenty. This Route or Passage on which the elephants frequented to and fro, yes, down for munching and up for napping, came to become prominent as a Passage through the hilly terrain and later a Roadway. This Area where the elephants marched out the Pathway for us humans, came to be known as Anachal. The Forests still surround Anachal The Elephants are still in Plenty No, they don’t frequent the route Located two hundred metres from the sleepy town of Anachal, and seven kilometres from the picturesque and enchanting town of Munnar; Anna Homestay Adorns the beautiful landscape as a bright gem would a necklace, welcoming you with a Captivating Garden and the serene calm of the atmosphere.

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